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The average person has suffered from a headache at least once or twice in their lifetime. Those who suffer from frequent headaches I am sure would agree that headaches can have a huge impact on our overall mood and quality of life. Chiropractors can diagnose and treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Among the most common conditions that chiropractors treat are headaches. There are several different types of headaches which all present differently and are caused by a variety of things. As a Greensburg Chiropractor, we want to help our community by answering these questions.


Do You Suffer From Frequent Headaches and Are Not Sure Why?


The most common types of headaches are cervicogenic headaches, tension headaches, and migraines. What are the differences? Cervicogenic headaches are headaches that stem from an issue with the neck or cervical spine. These types of headaches present as a throbbing pain usually unilateral or one-sided with tender, sore muscles at the base of the skull/hairline. You may also experience tightness in the neck and shoulder blades accompanied with reduced range of motion. Tension headaches commonly referred to as stress headaches typically present as a moderate pain described as a tight band around the head. Tension headaches can be triggered by stress, lack of sleep, or poor posture and may be accompanied with muscle pain. Migraine headaches present as a unilateral throbbing in one specific area of the head, usually behind one eye. They are typically accompanied with nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound and can be triggered by exercise, stress, or hormonal changes.


Can Chiropractic Really Help with Headaches?


Absolutely! Chiropractors treat headaches and neck pain utilizing several different techniques. A misaligned vertebrae in the spine can result in pressure on surrounding nerves and effect the overall function of your nervous system. Chiropractic Adjustments or spinal manipulation to the cervical spine result in realignment of vertebrae and alleviation of pressure
on the nerves and stress on the nervous system allowing the nervous system to function at 100%. Chiropractors use Manual Therapy to break up scar tissue and/or trigger points and release muscle tension. Chiropractors also utilize Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Heat Therapy to increase blood flow, reduce muscle spasms, relieve pain, and restore muscle tone.
Patients can experience pain relief in as little as one visit. Chiropractors can also provide tips and lifestyle change suggestions to prevent future headaches including exercise, postural changes, and relaxation techniques. Chiropractic care is a holistic treatment which provides fast pain relief for headaches and neck pain. Chiropractic care provides muscle tension relief, realignment of the spine, reduced pressure to nerves, and allows the nervous system to restore optimal function. Chiropractors utilize Chiropractic Adjustments along with Manual Therapy and Electrical Muscle Stimulation to accomplish this. Chiropractic care coupled with minor lifestyle changes can decrease the frequency of headaches. Contact Us


Written By: Full Body Chiropractic Team

As world class chiropractors in Greensburg, PA, we offer more than just Chiropractic adjustments. We treat the full body utilizing massage therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, spinal decompression, and more.

December 10, 2022

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