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3 Conditions You Need to Recognize With Lower Back Pain

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As Chiropractors in Greensburg, PA lower back pain is something we treat every week. That’s because lower back pain is one of the most common conditions that chiropractors see in their office. Lower back pain frequently presents with pain that travels down the front, back, or side of the leg, sometimes all the way to the toes. There are three conditions that present with similar symptoms which can all be treated with chiropractic care.

What Are The 3 Conditions That Present with Lower Back Pain and Pain Down The Leg?

The most common conditions that present with back and leg pain are sciatica, lumbar facet syndrome, and piriformis syndrome. What are the differences? Sciatica is a condition that occurs when the sciatic nerve is irritated due to inflammation and/or pressure on the nerve. This could occur due to muscle spasms, herniated disc, or bone spurs. Sciatica usually presents as pain starting in or around the lower back that radiates to the back of the leg down, sometimes to the foot.

Lumbar facet syndrome is a condition where irritation and swelling of the posterior part of the lumbar spine causes pain due to an irritation of the nerve roots. Pain originates in the lower back and can travel down the back or side of the leg, usually stopping at the knee. Piriformis syndrome is when the piriformis muscle, one of the main external rotator muscles of the hip, is tight or in spasm putting pressure on the sciatic nerve resulting in glute tenderness.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help with These 3 Conditions?

Chiropractic care can provide pain relief and increased range of motion by using a variety of treatment options. Here at Full Body Chiropractic, we utilize chiropractic adjustments, exercises, moist heat, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound therapy, and spinal decompression therapy to treat these conditions. Chiropractic adjustments to the lumbar and pelvic regions can help to restore range of motion within the joint space and allow the nervous system to function at 100%.

Electrical muscle stimulation coupled with moist heat provides muscle relaxation, increases blood flow, and restores muscle tone. Spinal decompression therapy gently stretches the spine relieving pressure on the nerves. This allows nutrients to pass through to the discs to promote healing. Exercises which target the specific muscle groups help to strengthen the area and relieve muscle tension.

At Full Body Chiropractic, each patient is unique. Dr. Matt and Dr. Michelle will perform a thorough examination and establish a treatment plan based on each patients’ specific
symptoms. Chiropractic care can make a significant difference when it comes to quality of life. If you are suffering from lower back pain, give us a call right away. We can help you get back to doing the things that you love!

Written By: Full Body Chiropractic Team

As world class chiropractors in Greensburg, PA, we offer more than just Chiropractic adjustments. We treat the full body utilizing massage therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, spinal decompression, and more.

January 5, 2023

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